General Knowledge of Fengshui

The skill of Fengshui has a history of over a few thousand years. Today it is widely used in the Chinese community all over the world. Even the western countries are starting to have an interest in Fengshui too. There are studies that Fengshui is not a superstitious belief.

These studies have shown that Fengshui can have a certain influence on older and modern building structures. It has also played an important role in today’s society. Fengshui can guide us on how to improve our environment and mental support. This will lead us to a fuller confidence in understanding how to improve ourselves, our wealth and corporate success.

The following points below are general knowledge of how Fengshui can help you in your present environment. Feel free to ask Master Ang for advice. We are glad to be able to provide our services to you.





Houses situated at the end of a main road are unfavorable > 住家最忌大路直
> Houses with main doors facing the main road directly are unfavorable 住家大门也忌大路直冲大门
> Houses with main doors facing ‘T’ shaped roads are unfavorable 住家大门对着T字路直冲属凶屋
> Houses with main doors facing big trees are unfavorable 住家前面有阴森古树、易引鬼神进屋
> Houses with back doors facing trees are bad for lady owners 住家后面有大树对准后门不利女主人
Main roads and big trees at the back of the house are unfavorable 住家后面有大路又有大树对准后门属凶屋
An ‘U’ shaped road in front of the house is unfavorable 住家大门向着U形街道属凶屋
Houses facing a cemetery are unfavorable 住家大门对准坟场、凶
Houses with main doors facing temples, churches or mosques are bad 住家大门对准佛寺、神庙、教堂、回教堂不吉
> Houses with main doors facing hospitals are unfavorable 住家大门对准医院或大路出口处属凶
> Houses with main doors facing casket centres are unfavorable 住家大门对准殡仪馆、属凶屋
House beside an overpass at right or left is unfavorable 住家对着高架车路下面左右处、凶不吉
House which have many corners and irregular shape is bad 住家内最忌尖角多、角复杂、凶
> House which have a lot of beams is unfavorable 住家内天顶横梁突出多、凶
Avoid houses that are broad at the front but narrow at the back  > 住家屋形前宽后狭、凶
Houses that face South should avoid ponds in the West > 住家大门向南、西边有水池、凶



Main doors facing a lamp post are unfavorable 住家大门对着电灯杆、凶
Main doors facing a slope are unfavorable 住家大门外、路直下坡、主退财、凶
> Main door of house facing lift is unfavorable 住家大门对准着升降机、凶
> Toilet door should not be facing the main door  > 厕所门对准大门、凶
>Kitchen door should not be facing the main door > 厨房门对准大门、凶
> Main doors facing the gate are unfavorable > 住家大门对着围墙铁门、凶


  > Mirrors should not be installed under the roof 住家内天花板装镜子、凶
> Mirrors should not be placed facing the main door, windows or bed 住家内镜子向着大门、窗门、睡床不吉


  > Kitchen doors or entrances should not be facing the toilet > 住家厕所门对着厨房门不吉
> Stoves should not be face the toilet, washing machine or water basins > 炉灶对着厕所门、洗衣机、水位属凶
> Avoid placing the stove underneath water pipe or beam > 炉灶上面有横梁、有水管、凶


A ceiling beam above a bed is unfavorable > 睡床上面有横梁、凶
Avoid many edges or irregular shapes as a design above a bed > 睡床上面有凹凸形有角度复杂、凶
A ‘ba-gua’ shape as a design placed above the bed is bad > 睡床上面安八卦形天花板、凶
Bed facing the corners is unfavorable > 睡床左右有角冲床、凶
> The bed or back of headboard should not be facing the door > 睡床头、床尾对准房门、凶
Main door facing the door of any bedroom is unfavorable > 房间门对准大门不吉