Master Ang

As early as 1971, Master Ang took refuge in Buddhism and acknowledged Venerable Da Xiong as his master. In 1973, he was cross-trained under Venerable Master Chan Yun from Taiwan, and subsequently, Singapore’s renowned fengshui practitioner cum Zen master, Supreme Venerable Master Hong Choon and other highly respectable elders. Later he followed the teachings of the 16th Karmapa, Vernerable Gyalwa Karmapa, leader of the Tibetan Buddist Kagyupa sect (White sect), and was imparted in-depth Buddhist knowledge and tantric skills. 

Since young, Master Ang was taught by a number of geomancers on various ancient schools of fengshui and Chinese astrology. He became even more experienced after studying and experimenting intensively on his own. For many years, Master Ang has been combining different schools of fengshui with western science to analyse and verify various claims in fengshui, he has provided consultation to numerous customers, and is often invited to examine houses and burial grounds in all parts of Asia, and as far away as America and Europe. 

His charges are reasonable and affordable, and his service highly acclaimed by the public. He is indeed an outstanding and reputable professional geomancer. He has always tasked himself to refute superstitious beliefs and incorporate modern science into the ancient art of fengshui. He can be considered one of the rare few who is proficient in Wushu (the Five Arts), consisting of geomancy, medicine, astrology, divination and physiognomy.

Geomancy:  Related to earth sciences, meditator and tantric practitioner
Medicine:  Curing patients with herbs and acupuncture
Astrology:  Forecasting one’s life with Four Pillar Analysis. I-Ching, Xing Zong and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple King Stars Chart)
Divination: Predicting outcomes with techniques such as sortilege, i-Ching, Qi Men (Mysterious Gate), Liu Ren and Tai Yi
Physiognomy: Using face, palm and bone reading to tell one’s fortune

Master Ang is well-versed in various schools of fengshui such as Ba Zai (Eight Mansions), Xuan Kong Flying Stars, Xuan Kong Da Gua ( Great Diagram), (Nine Palaces Five Elements, the Art of Directions and Sectors, etc. After gaining experience with different schools of fengshui through his numerous consulting projects over the past ten years, Master Ang managed to synthesise the various theories and establish his own school of fengshui, Ba Xuan (Eight Mysteries) to help the poor and support the rich.

If you are buying a new house, it is best to let Master Ang ascertain which unit, floor, sector and placement are most suitable for you. As the saying goes, ‘An auspicious land is occupied by a lucky man, and a lucky man occupies an auspicious land.

洪维良国际风水大师,早年在1971年皈依圆寂在新加坡之大禅师 (释大雄) 禅师为师父。于1973年参师台湾苦修大师 (释忏云) 法师为师,也参师本地著名风水大禅师 (释宏船僧王) 及本地诸位大德长老,后皈依密宗噶玛噶举教主大宝法王第十六世 (噶玛巴法王) 得传授佛理及密法。


大师可被称为本地精通“五术” 奇才之一、五术 (山、医、命、卜、相) 是中国古老五种学术。

山: 是地理及修行者、修密者
医: 是用草药或用针灸来治病者
命: 是以 (子平、周易、星宗、斗数) 来推算人的命程
卜: 卜卦的种类很多,以 (卜签、周易、奇门、六壬、太乙) 来判断吉凶
相: 是以面相、手相、骨相来判断人的福祸

大师精通各学派风水、如八宅学术、玄空飞星学、玄空大卦学、九宫五行学、方位学术等。这十几年依各学派风水勘察阴阳两宅而得出综合学术理论后,独创 (八玄派) 风水学术理论来济贫扶富,以达到贫者能福,穷者能富也。

读者如购买新宅,最好预先给 (洪维良国际风水大师) 勘察哪间住宅或哪一楼及哪个方位和坐向最适合你住的吉宅。所谓:福地福人居,福人居福地。